Having gone to bed fairly early considering I don’t have to work tomorrow and after some vivid drinking-smoking-latenightfood dreams… I wake up.

Peeking over at the semi-hidden clock and only seeing 2 00’s and the slight curvature of the bottom of the second, I wonder to myself… “Wow, is it 6 or did I sleep until 8 with no alarm set?!”

As I feel a familiar push from within, I roll over to get up only to see that second number emerge as a taunting, but knowing 3:00.

Shuffling into my slippers, I meander to the bathroom and assume the first position while peering down into the dark. Suddenly, almost like an Edgar Allan Poe story, I hear a voice from deep within say… “You thought you slept all thru the entire night?!! Bless your heart!”

That was my bladder.

Sears Tower experiencing a blackout due to a massive basement flood after a heavy rain.

I was a couple blocks away from the Sears Tower on 911. Even though they said there was a threat and we could go home, I didn’t have anyone to go home to and I could see from the floor I was on that I wasn’t getting anywhere in that traffic jam. So, I smoked a cigar down on the street in front of the building. It was a ghost town…except for a funereal procession of taxis from the airports with nowhere to go. Luckily, the Sears Tower still stands. But since that day, being the sentimental Pisces that I am, when I look up at the building I see it through the eyes of a kid who when it came into view was because I was on my way to do something cool. Going to the McVickers for Kung Fu Flicks, the arcade at the Greyhound bus station, Ronny’s Steak house, the Kool Jazz festival, and so on… Seeing it like this sends a melancholy chill thru my soul knowing that, like New Yorkers, this could be just the memory on the back of mind seeing a building that is no longer there.