That’s the first principle of the Hippocratic oath better known as “First, do no harm”.

Now, most of the people I’m referring to in this post are not doctors, so they wouldn’t be subjected to the terms of this sacred tradition. But, almost all of them took another oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and it’s this one that they failed at miserably and, dare I say, criminally in some cases.

Loathe as I am to even say his name, it was clear before the election Trump was unfit to serve in office. But there was this push on the right to elect him to be their Manchurian Candidate, someone they can use to do their evil bidding. Unfortunately for them, he showed who he really was so much that they might as well have called him the Mandalorian Candidate.

Unfortunately for us, Life began to imitate Art on a constant basis throughout his Presidency even from the start. It seemed to be the newest reality show set at the White House with real-world consequences. One of the first examples of this was the ousting of a current staffer and former reality show “star”, Omarosa. She, of course, wrote her version of how dysfunctional the West Wing was and how she tried to do what she could to help stop the worst from happening.

Foreshadowing, an indication of something that will happen in the future, often used as a literary device to hint at or allude to future plot developments.

Oh, it’s a literary device, all right, because I’ve lost count of how many staffers, reporters, and confidantes have published books now spilling all the tea of how crazy this MF was and why they only stuck around because the next person might help Mayor McOrange to accomplish his evil plans. No accountability.

“But, we have recordings of statements you made where you clearly show your support for the President…”

“Yes, but if you paid attention, you can clearly see me winking and when the camera pans to the side, you can see my fingers crossed behind my back!”

They want us to think this was Weekend At Bernie’s (Sorry, Sen. Sanders) where they just carried a harmless body around that was not a threat to anyone, except that time he was spreading disease from his rotting carcass. Or, at the most, they would like you to imagine the movie Dave, where the lead character is an entertainer and puppet that they were only using to get their Ring-wing agenda passed without anyone getting hurt.

But, we all know it was not that. Instead, it was that aptly named Enemy of the State with people in front of the cameras and behind the scenes actively engaging in bald-faced lies, grift on a worldwide scale, domestic terrorism, and treason, in order to get what they wanted no matter who they hurt or killed. And spoiler alert…a lot of people died at the end. Except for Will Smith, who didn’t even hit anyone.

The phrase “25th Amendment” keeps coming up but none of these people ever thought seriously of using it because that would mean fucking up the party for everyone. You know, like Kavanaugh’s friend that jumped on the bed knocking all three to the floor so the almost raped victim could get away.

No, they are all trying to get rich while assuring us that they did all they could at the time. But the whole point of the 25th is to remove a threat to the office and the country before things get too far. Someone, preferably many of them, has to step up and honor that oath to defend “the Constitution of the United States”, i.e. US!

Us, We, Them…however, you cut it, when you raise that right hand and say those words, you are making a vow to stand up to the bully, to give up the position you hold to bring truth to the light, and to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. It does us no good to hear after the fact that things almost got way out of hand. It does not serve the country to know that the man who has changed the course of the Supreme Court for a generation or two wanted to shoot innocent citizens because they were exercising their 1st amendment right to protest him.

These words may be just that…and they most likely won’t be seen by anyone involved, let alone my own friends. But, I felt compelled to write them because I often feel the need to speak out, which has gotten me ousted, fired, and uninvited to more than a few places.

But I never took a vow. I never promised anything. And if I ever finish my book, it won’t have any revelations of any crimes that I could have stopped.

(Jonathan Baran, James Pace-Cornsilk/The Washington Post)

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