D Jay Collins

I am…

I think, therefore I am… I drink, therefore I am dealing… I regret, therefore I am dealing with… I persist, therefore I am dealing with it… I dream, therefore I am dealing it subconsciously… I wake, therefore I am dealing with it subconsciously successfully… I want, therefore I am dealing with it subconsciously successfully alone…

A Winning Legacy

They all came in uniform…of sorts. Each person wearing the outfit that most reflected the role in life that they now play because at one time, they played for her. There were mostly basketball uniforms, both college and pro, a couple of military uniforms, the power suit of a corporate leader and the robes of […]

Last Night’s Random Dream

I dream whenever I close my eyes for any significant length of time. It never ceases to amaze me. I quantum leap into some random situation and just play along until something happens. Last night was no different. I’m in a small town. There aren’t very many tall buildings except for the insurance company, the […]