D Jay Collins

Decisive Meeting

“A Mr. Craig to see you, sir.” “That’s just fine, Ms. Chase. Send him right in.” “He will see you now, sir. Right this way.” As the very tall and slender beauty stood up, I could see she was older than I thought but her great looks made any judgment of just how much almost […]

Primum non nocere

That’s the first principle of the Hippocratic oath better known as “First, do no harm”. Now, most of the people I’m referring to in this post are not doctors, so they wouldn’t be subjected to the terms of this sacred tradition. But, almost all of them took another oath to “support and defend the Constitution […]

GI Jane 2

Jada “wants to be a superwomanBut is that really in her headBut I just want to live each dayTo love her for what she is” Apparently, Jada is suffering from alopecia. Hair loss. But as a casual observer, I will say that she looks amazing. I can only assume that her family, her husband, and […]